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Gemstone Roller - Focus and Cleanse, 10ml


Lemon, Essential Oil 15ML

Lemongrass, Essential Oil 15ML

Quick Overview

Purification, Tissue repair, Spray on plants with water, Allergies, Anemia, Anti-bacterial, Brain Power, Diarrhea, Diabetes, Detox, Digestive Issues, Bladder Control, Lupus, Lymph Nodes, Liver and Other Organ Support, Cramps, Injuries, Acne, Cooking, Stimulates the mind. Mothers milk flow. Helpful with colic and indigestion. Relieves tired legs and fatigue. May prevent the spread of contagious diseases. It is tonic and vasodilator with anti-inflammatory and sedative properties. Lifts spirits and clears the mind.

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Lemongrass is the freshly cleanse, and tidy scented essential oil. Its purifying qualities can make a profound change. Additionally it can provide emotional clam through its early citrus aroma. Inhaling a few drops or adding it to the bath can ease the nerves and provides mental clarity. The entire plant, a tufted grass with numerous stiff stems. This oil contains 75% citral.

Product Details:

Botanical Name:
Cymbopogon flexuous stapf/citratus
160F Degrees
Extraction Method:
Grass, Steam distilled
Aromatic, Topical, Internal
Safe for Kids:
5 Years +
Safe for Dogs:
Blends Well With:

Cedarwood, basil, lavender, neroli, niaouli and tea tree, lime and other citrus and floral oils

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