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Thyme, Essential Oil 15ML


Energy Boost Blend, 10ml Roller

Vetiver, Essential Oil

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Properties: ADD/ADHD, Balance, Repellent, Exotic aroma. Forgetfulness, Antioxidant, Increases Blood Circulation, Skin Conditions, recommended for Dry skin, Stress Relief, Memory Loss. Complements other oils, antioxidant and relaxation. Insomnia, This oil is classic for physical, mental and emotional burnout, said to cleanse the aura (energy field around the body) and to strengthen the auric shield which can be instrumental in keeping out diseases.

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This oil is deep, earthy and smoky aroma. Some people can't tolerate the smell while others are affected deeply by the smell which can be like a damp forest floor. Vetiver inspires a harmonious state while promoting deep concentration. It's an extremely versatile essential oil, it has an alluring effect that can enhance sensual and romantic emotions. The tropical grass grows about 4 to 8 feet in height and produces sharp edged leaves, tiny flowers and aromatic root. The strong roots sink deep into the earth, making the plant ideal for preventing soil erosion.

Product Details:

Botanical Name:
Vetiveria zizanioides
240F Degrees
Extraction Method:
Root, Steam Distilled
Aromatic, Topical, Internal
Safe for Kids:
2 Years +
Blends Well With:

frankincense, geranium, grapefruit, jasmine, lavender, rose, sandalwood and ylang ylang.

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